I'm Andy, I've been a computer nerd since I first had a Windows 95 machine in front of me at five years old. My passion for computers, technology, and IT has only grown with age. I've primarily worked in Support roles, but my focus on Information Security began roughly five or six years ago when I discovered that I enjoyed helping to protect users who are not generally aware of the risks/dangers that present themselves when using computers/technology.

Since discovering that love, I've enveloped myself in the InfoSec community, and I am working to advance my career from support roles to IT Security ones. I'm more of a blue-teamer at heart.

I also have a strong focus on privacy in IT. While working at Apple, this became a major focus for me. Finding the balance between necessary oversight and user privacy rights is a difficult line to walk, but I believe that it's a critical focus for any InfoSec person.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to contribute what I can and continue growing my overall ability within this community.