Projects are listed in chronological order, starting with the earliest.

Service Options Tool:
- Conceptualized, solely developed, and maintained a web-based tool to assist team members with identifying repair options available for all Apple products in supported countries worldwide.
- Final product was purchased by Apple for further implementation.
- Languages used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including jQuery and VelocityJS)
- This project represents about 14 months of professional development.
Health Science Center Tools Page:
- Created, solely developed, and maintained a web page collection of tools, resources, and links commonly used by IT staff.
- Page was hosted on the Texas A&M Health Science Center IT intranet.
- Page was also adapted to assist a new group of IT support staff during a department merger.
Forest Service IR Tools Page:
- Roughly the same as above, but for the Texas A&M Forest Service Information Resources department.